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My seminary instruction did not examine the line of thinking found in the video shown below. If you have been reading these notes you may remember the other day I mentioned going into a Christian Bookstore and was overwhelmed by the display of Bibles with the New International Version (NIV) dominating the shelves. What is the difference between the NIV, New American Standard Bible (NASB), the New King James Bible (NKJV), the Revised Standard Version (RSV), the Living Bible (LB), the Amplified Bible (Amp), and any other "new " translation? This short video (only 8 minutes) will help you understand the difference. Take just 8 minutes to enlighten your mind and see the real argument.
Pastor Rockwell

NIV Quiz

One of the most popular translation among many New Evangelical churches is the NIV (New International Version).  I have a friend, Dr. Rex Cobb who is the director of Baptist Bible Translators in Bowie, Texas. He has designed a "NIV Quiz" that I believe will help those who use the NIV evaluate just what the difference is between the new translations such as the NIV, NASB (New American Standard Bible), NRSV (New Revised Standard Version), and many more and compare it with the 400 year standard the King James Version. If you don't think there is a difference between the well established standard Bible known as the King James Version and the new translations then take the quiz. If you use a NIV take the quiz and see what the differences are. You may want to ask why the NIV publishers, Zondervan Publishers (located in Grand Rapids, Michigan) are now producing a "gender neutral" version of the Bible. If you have doubts about this go to the website of the Chicago Tribune and read the article by Manya Brachaer titled "Should updated Bibles be gender-neutral?" If you take the quiz please follow the instructions and do not get your answers from the margin but from the text itself. Remember anything in the margin has been deemed by the editors to not be the authority to follow, but a suggestion by the editors. Have a good time and see what the NIV is about. Click the link here and take the quiz. You can print it or download it but either way, take the NIV Quiz below. 

The NIV Quiz

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